Life’s a Beach Spring Break Crafts

Going to the beach is a Spring Break tradition for a lot of families. My parents carted all 5 of us kids to the Texas coast every single year that I can remember. We camped on the beach, hunted for shells, went fishing, played in the sand – kid heaven.

Now that I realize the effort this must have been to pull this off, I think my parents are living saints.

But for us this year, a beach trip didn’t fit into the plan – a new puppy and my daughter requiring toe surgery threw our Spring Break plans for a little loop. So we decided to bring a little of that beachy spirit to us.

“Life’s a Beach” craft day was born!

Oh Michael’s craft store, how I love thee. A little walk down the aisles gave me all the inspiration I needed. Here’s what we came up with:

Materials: Ocean Colored Glass Beads, base of a terracota planter, sparkly sand, large round stones or river rocks, permanent markers, googly eyes, craft glue.

This was such a fun project. Avery loved gluing the glass beads around the terracota planter base. We used a craft glue and let them dry a little.

James worked side by side with her making his pet rocks. He decided his would be “alien” pet rocks on the beach. Love it!

Then we filled the base with sand and some beachy accessories like a sand dollar we had.

And finally, our pet rocks were ready for their beach vacation!

Makes me smile whenever I see it.

Avery also loved the tray of sand for just some plain sensorial fun and she decided some of her plastic animals needed a little trip to the beach too.

The cousins were coming over later, so the kids prepared messages in a bottle. I found these glass bottles at Michael’s for 2 bucks each with a coupon, but you can recycle your own and just tie on some twine and a shell.

They now want to get all Nicholas Sparks on me and make stoppers and float them in the pool later.

Finally for some outside time, we got the “Bubble Bonanza” bucket of bubble blowers of all shapes and sizes from Michael’s for $4.99. The kids had a blast and no sharing battles – priceless. Even more priceless, the giggles from my two-year old Dylan.

This weekend, we’ll be doing some fishing and water balloon fun at our ranch in the hill country. I have fun ideas stewing for little fishing tackle boxes for each of the kids. Let’s see what we come up with!

I think some of these ideas would also be super fun for a kids beach birthday or ocean theme party.

Hope you and your family enjoy some good clean, creative fun this Spring Break – wherever your travels or “stay”-cation may take you!


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