Tamales. Tradition. Love.

tamale pot

For as long as I can remember, we make tamales at Christmas. The joke in my family goes that even when money is tight, it gives us something to unwrap Christmas morning. Our tamales are a dish of corn masa (dough) spread on a cornhusk (hoja). The masa is filled with meat, beans or other [...]

Sounds of Sunday


The Texas Hill Country is my church this Sunday. Waking up, these are the sounds of grace. Mom, whipping up eggs in the kitchen. Expert, loving hands. Hands that look like mine but with more practice on them, making those familiar smells of eggs and bacon and beans come out of pans. Hands I hope [...]

Cure for Insanity


As Einstein put it, “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” I may not be Einstein, but I did know if I spent one more morning… …late to school looking for a lost shoe …digging out a coat from a heaping pile …searching for a homework bag from the [...]

In the beginning…


I just joined a new Bible Study group. This is a first for me. I went to church for many years. Then I didn’t. Now I find myself somewhere in between. It’s safe to say though I’m almost 39 I am still a beginner in my spiritual learning. I’ve always held a deep faith and [...]

Design in Mind


If you ask my husband, I forever have some home decorating or home improvement project going on. I think I got that fixer-upper gene from my dad. While pregnant with my daughter 3 years ago I challenged myself to renovate my mom’s 70′s style home – family room, kitchen, flooring, and accessories – on a [...]

Montessori Rocks!


I am a Montessori mama. I was a Montessori kid myself. I love that the Montessori school my kids attend has some of the coolest teachers and kids and parents I’ve ever met. And, I love the spirit of community and creativity that happens when parents and teachers come together following their hearts and focused [...]

Magnolias in Bloom

IMG_0275 magnolias

When I moved into my house four years ago, one of the first things we redid was the landscaping. And one of the first things I planted was a magnolia tree in the front yard. I love the big, white audacious blooms. I love that the tree reminds me of the movie Steel Magnolias every [...]

My love affair with Austin


Woke up in love with Austin. I’m a native Austinite – yes, we exist. I’ve traveled and lived lots of places, but Austin’s sweet music keeps calling me back. It is a city of rolling hills, and smart people. Bluebonnets dot the roadsides as colorfully as the panhandlers do. It’s a place where Texas traditions [...]