About Maria


So, as the West Side Story song goes, you “just met a girl named Maria.”  Here’s a little about me. 

I am a 36-year old mother of two and come from a long legacy of Renaissance women.  I have three sisters, three aunts, a sassy and spiritual grandmother, and an incredible mother and mother-in-law.  (And you thought incredible mother-in-law was an oxymoron.) This matriarchy combined with some amazing friends are all my inspirations.  I have a “man-of-my dreams” husband of nearly 13 years that shares my passion for life, family, travel and pursuing those things that keep us fulfilled and happy.  As for my children, I can’t even begin to tell you about the joys my son and daughter bring me without becoming teary-eyed.


Photo courtesy of Michele Anderson of Pinkletoes Photography

I am an optimist.  I like doing positive things that feel good.  I like staying healthy. 

I’ve lived in Austin, Texas for 25 years of my life because it is one of the coolest places on Earth.  I’ve also lived in the Twin Cities, San Diego, CA and Boston, MA as part of my journey – and all have left a mark on who I am.  I worked as a marketing and sales exec for 10 years.  I studied English and Spanish in college.  I’ve had the blessing to learn from amazing mentors some of the things that did and didn’t serve me well as a person.  I work hard because I usually like what I do, and because it’s just part of the hispanic work-ethic I got from my own mother that I can’t deny.

I used to be the girl whose five year plan was neatly bulleted.  Now, I have clear intentions but leave the room to see what life holds for me.

My life has not always been the fairy tale I think it is now. But, I truly believe happiness is all about how we see the world and our circumstances in it.  We make our happiness.  So, keep your eyes, soul and heart wide open – and find your own truth of what brings you happiness.

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